Access Keys:

West Winds Primary School and Nursery Unit


Every night :

  • Reading – (15 mins & comment sign reading record)
  • LSCWC (spellings) (choose 6 words from list and write 6 times each, checking)
  • Number facts (tables – written out each night and tested)

Monday & Wednesday :

  • Literacy homework – Written into literacy homework book

Tuesday & Thursday :

  • Numeracy Homework – Written into books or completed on sheet (will be indicated)

Swimming on Tuesday Term 1 & 2 - £3.50

PE is on a Thursday


The Native Americans and the United States of America

This topic gives children to chance delve into the history of one of the greatest countries in the world, the United States of America. We begin by looking at the geography of the country and how it is separated into its 50 states. We then focus in on Native American tribes and how they lived in the past.

Moving onwards, we look at the rich history of Presidents that the country has had, especially focusing on the rich and exciting life of Abraham Lincoln.

As part of promoting independent/home learning, a homework project based around the states that make up the USA is set during this term. The project is to focus on one state from the 50 and can be made up of a piece of writing, a poster, some art, a model or anything that the imagination stretches to.