Access Keys:

West Winds Primary School and Nursery Unit



  1. Reading,
  2. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check target spellings
  3. Learning number facts
  4. Written homework -

                               Monday and Wednesday Literacy based

                               Tuesday and Thursday Numeracy based

Swimming on Tuesdays Term 1 and 2. Cost £3.50

PE on Thursdays



Term 1 Topic -

Around the World

Through this topic we explore our world from here at home to far away. We look at famous places round the world as well as exploring culture, dance, art and music in other countries. We use the internet to research transport in other countries and we have a look at some food from other countries.



Term 2 Topic - Titanic

The topic of Titanic really captures the thoughts and feelings of P6 as they explore this extraordinary disaster with its roots so firmly sewn in Northern Ireland. We journey from construction in Belfast and design by Thomas Andrews of Comber to the maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. The children learn about the passengers on board and why they were heading to the New World. They also debate who was at fault when disaster hit and what lessons have been learnt from the Titanic's fate.


Term 3 Topic - Bridges

In this topic we learn about the role of bridges and some of the famous bridges in the United Kingdom and further afield.  We explore the construction of bridges through technology activities and have a go at building our own.